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Cryogenic Semi-Trailers - Ulysses

Cryogenic Semi-Trailers - Ulysses
Product Code : VRV201
VRV introduces the safest, most efficient cryogenic trailer with optimised version for LIN, LOX and LAR. VRV's European designed, state of the art, optomised trailers offer the highest payloads and lowest center of gravity in he industry.

Cryogenic Semi-Trailers - Ulysses

Name: Ulysses Trailer available in 3 versions
- Aluminium (Yellow), Steel or a combination (Flexi)
Product description: Cryogenic mobile semi-trailer for LO2, LAr, LCO2, LN20
Capacity: From 2,000 to 58,000 liters
Pressure range: From 3 to 24 bar
Design Temperature: -196°C
Design codes: EN 13530/TPED (optional ASME VIII)
Insulation: Multi-layer super-insulation under vacuum
Materials used: Inner vessel in stainless steel or aluminium,
Outer vessel in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium
Outer finishing: 3 layers, finished with painting in white (logo optional)
Piping arrangement: All stainless steel pipework and valves
The equipment include: Pressure build up vaporizer
  Safety relief devices for the outer and inner vessel
  complete plumbing arrangement for normal operations

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