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Hydraulic Power Pack

Product Code : HPU301
Hydraulic Power Pack for oil, water or aggressive media are complete hydraulic units ready for connection which are provided for generating operating pressures up to 7,000 bar (101,000 psi).The hydraulic systems can be used for all kinds of testing, bolt tensioning and clamping or for other functions requiring a determined pressure.


CFC Vietnam hydraulic power packs can be equipped with all MAXIMATOR pumps. Restrictions result only from determined structural dimensions as well as from the flow rates of the pumps being necessary for the respective function.


For the simple commissioning and unproblematic application, CFC Vietnam hydraulic power packs will be equipped with all required components. Part of them is an air control unit with combined filter and water seperator, a pressure-regulating valve, a pressure control gauge as well as a manual shut-off valve for stopping off the drive air pressure.

For all applications within the range of the oil hydraulic, the pumps will be mounted in the oil tank in a compact and space saving manner. In case of operation with water or with aggressive media, the pump will be mounted on the tank. According to standard, there can be selected among tank capacities from 6.5 l to 70 l. Larger-sized tanks are available on demand.

On request, the tanks can be provided with carrying handles or on wheels (to be recommended for all G-type pumps as well as for tank capacities from 30 l).

On the high-pressure side, the hydraulic power pack will be equipped with a pressure relief valve (expansion valve) as well as with a manifold block with one or several pressure outlets for connecting the test pieces (which can be shut off separately or completely on request).

For indicating and monitoring the operating pressure, liquid-damped pressure gauges of the accuracy class 1.0 or 1.6 (higher accuracies are possible on demand) can be delivered in different sizes for pressures up to 7,000 bar.


The movable and portable CFC Vietnam hydraulic power pack can be used wherever hydraulic pressures are required. They are to be found for example in the steel construction, boiler construction, tank construction and reactor construction as well as in yards, smelting plants, machine factories and locksmith's shops. For years they have proved themselves in inspection and acceptance processes as well as in the hydraulic working and clamping systems.

The hydraulic power pack are also provided for actuating hydraulic punches and punch systems. Among others they will be used in aircraft yards for lifting aircrafts, for clamping large-sized devices, for checking pressure vessels and pressure systems.

In the tool hydraulic, HPU units will be used for pressure oil junctions as well for mounting and pulling-off large-sized toothed gears.

Furthermore, the systems will be used in hydraulic presses, among others also when high pressure must be maintained for a long time, such as in case of tire and vulcanizing presses as well as for presses overload protections. For such purposes, the hydraulic unit can be delivered with reversing devices permitting an one-sided or also twosided admission to the press. Direct admission of compressed air to the return side enables a connection for the quick return. The hydraulic units have also proved to be an outstanding solution for isostatic pressing procedures.

For realizing regular pressure tests (TÜV) at pressure vessels, CFC Vietnam offers the complete solution with regard to the pressure generation. These power packs will always be set up upon customer's request.

The required hydraulic pressure will be generated by means of air-lift pump. In this connection, the hydraulic pressure corresponds to the set air pressure multiplied by the transmission ratio of the pump. When the appliance reaches the pre-set pressure, it stops automatically and maintains the pressure until arising a pressure drop caused through leakage or the like. The appliance starts automatically and functions again until having reached the pre-set pressure.

All the controlling and regulating processes are of unsurpassed simplicity because of the compressed-air drive. So, the complete appliance is very robust, operationally reliable and insensitive to hardest operating stresses. The power pack will not be damaged through moist rooms, dust or higher temperatures. The CFC Vietnam hydraulic units are explosion-proof because no electric energy is required.

Advantages of the CFC Vietnam power packs

  • Standstill of the pump when reaching the set final pressure
  • No energy consumption in case of long pressure holding times
  • No dissipated heat during the pressure holding phase
  • Substitute of leakages by automatic re-delivery through the pump
  • Control of the operating pressure through simple adjustment of the aire drive pressure
  • Simple installation, operationally reliable, easy to maintain

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