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    CFC Vietnam and MAXIMATOR were very proud to supply turn-key MAXIMATOR Pressure Testing Systems and Accessories.


    1. MAXIMATOR Hi-Low System: 4 Set x MHU10/150-2-1551-E-C which are including 2 high pressure liquid pumps G10 & G150 with maximum working pressure at 30,000 PSI.

    The system is automatically control unit which compose of high pressure pump station and control consol through which the operator could operate inputing test pressure value, holding time and related test pieces information and printing test report. The CCTV system for monitoring is also integrated into control consol.

    2. MAXIMATOR Air Amplifier Station with Control Panel: MGU3-001 which are including Gas Booster DLE30-75-2-GG with maximum working pressure from 16-25 bar.

    MAXIMATOR MGU3-001 amplifier system is portable and ready-use system. All components are integrated in one amplifier unit and all operate hand valve are on a control panel whcih can be installed on the wall outside the test room. The customer only needs to connect the driven air, Nitrogen. The system generates high pressure input via MAXIMATOR SPLV3 amplifier and on the outlet line, the high pressure air bottle (20 bar of 20L).

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