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Not everyone will have the time or patience to be able to complete it on their own steps with too much care product categories and different uses. Understanding that, of course Facials, was born with the desire to help women get healthier skin, youthful in the professional service and methodology.


Every woman has the right beautiful. Beauty is a gift that God bestowed for half of the world. But modern life with a lot of pressure from work, family, relationships that you do not have time to care little for myself. Time lapse on day one, along with the impact of weather, cosmetics and diet unreasonable that also gradually faded beauty.

There are bright pink skin was hard, keeping it away from the bad elements in the daily impact even harder for hours. Does the basic skincare routine helps retain moisture, provide essential nutrients, stimulates cell proliferation and remove dead skin. Leather will be deep cleaning, eliminating the risk of acne and prevent premature aging. Basic treatment course is designed for all skin types. You will be checking the skin condition, the sensitivity, the irritant factor and product selection advice appropriate care with the skin condition and his hobby.


If you are always busy with many daily tasks, then this therapy is set aside for you, with short implementation time and costs accordingly. Under the expert hands of the staff, the processes most important skin care will be taken to clean all the deep, exfoliation, removal of harmful agents and bring white skin smooth, fresh bright.
Without vitamin C, you will be faced with a rough skin, wrinkles, saggy and easily affected by external factors. By the addition of vitamin C through the machine electrical impulses directly to the surface of your skin, your skin will be enhanced resistance by antioxidants. Collagen manufacturing process was accelerated for increased elasticity and premature skin aging.

Vitamin E may act to reduce dryness and forming protective layer for the skin from ultraviolet rays. Many studies also show that it reduces the level of red swelling, dryness of the skin under the influence of cigarette smoke. Skin care therapy with vitamin E helps vitamin E supplements directly into the body by electrical pulse machine safety. Your skin will be increased by the stretch spandex, reduce water evaporation and sensitivity to ultraviolet light. This treatment is particularly suitable for dry skin, lack of moisture.


Skincare with gold mask can be effective immediately after implementation, applies to all skin want highly effective, skin aging and dark. Essences Telomera (study of American Nobel laureates) are cells genetically helmet, surrounded AND terminally chromosomes, preventing degradation, stimulates protein synthesis, maintain and rejuvenate long cell than normal. Also mask also contains pure deep sea vegetation enhances the production of collagen makes the skin smooth stretch. Gold mask concentrates will remove skin lightening melanin, glassy these traces, and tighten pores effectively. You will quickly see the result is extremely smooth of skin radiance.

Ancient Cleopatra never missing his side a gold robe to keep yourself pure youthful skin. While Romans used gold to treat skin lesions in the skin. Until modern times, gold has also been confirmed the utility of moisture, reduce wrinkles, firming skin surface through multiple studies. Grasping these benefits, the makeup artists of Thu Cuc Spa has developed a skin care therapy by mask 24K.

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