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CRYOSTAR Back-Up Pump System

    Project Description: 

    Supply complete Cryostar Back-Up pump system X 8 units c/w Seal Gas Control panels & Accessories. 

    Flow rate upto 20,000M3/Hr

    Running Conditions: Continuous 24/7 for Back-up Services

    Pump Type including: MCP, CDS, MX


    Supply complete Cryostar Truck Filling pump system of 3 sets c/w accessories.

    Flow rate upto: 20M3/Hr of LIN LOX LAR

    Outlet Pressure: Upto 22bar.


    Project Site: 

    Messer QUANG NGAI ASU - 80,000M3/Hr

    Plant: HOA PHAT Steel Complex

    Location: QUANG NGAI, Vietnam. 

    Scope of Service including Commissioning & Training at site.

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    Business license number : 0306320374 Dated : 28/11/2008 by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City
    Representative : Mr. NGUYỄN VĂN HƯNG